• Grandstream GXP2130 REVIEW

    The Grandstream GXP2130 is a SIP based VoIP telephone designed specifically for business. It is part of the greater Grandstream family of phones which include desk phones and portable devices. The chosen VoIP protocol for this phone is SIP rather than MGCP, giving it the advantage of being able to be used on nearly any VoIP phone system capable of supporting SIP. For readers who do not know, SIP is the protocol that has become the standard across VoIP phone systems and other internet based products.



    The Phone

    This phone in particular is interesting for several reasons. The screen is a nice size, roughly 2.5” x 2” and has a beautiful color LCD display. Many VoIP phones have large screens, so this is not necessarily unique- though business phone system users who are used to a small monochromatic grayscale screen will be impressed. What is unique about this screen, however, is that because it utilizes the SIP protocols inherent in the phone, a user can enter an IP address or use one of the programmable buttons to view security cameras which utilize SIP! This was really interesting to me when I heard about it. Though I had always heard about manufacturers using SIP for this sort of multi-media purpose, I had not actually seen it put into practice, at least not in person.

    For buttons, the Grandstream GXP2130 has three keys to the left of the screen typically used for call or “line” buttons. Beneath the screen are four soft keys which change depending on what feature the consumer is using. Functions for these soft keys include “Missed Call,” “Redial,””Call Forward,” “Answer,” and a multi function key which can access information such as the current weather!

    Beneath the screen area is the dial pad, volume control, and some preprogrammed buttons such as “Transfer,” “Conference,” “Mute,” and “Headset.” In addition to these, there is a four way pad to interact with the screen with arrows to indicate which direction the user is moving in the LCD interface, along with a “select” button.

    Voice Quality

    Being a SIP phone, the voice quality can depend on many variables; however my experience with the phone has been excellent. On the handset, the letters “HD” are visible to indicate High Definition voice. Compared to other VoIP phones I have tested, on the same network, the Grandstream GXP2130 is extremely favorable. Not only the handset, but the speakerphone gives the same HD voice as well.


    I like the Grandstream GXP2130. The voice quality, beautiful color screen, and easy to use interface gave me a very favorable opinion of the phone. Compared to other SIP phones, it is easily in the top tier. When compared to MGCP VoIP phones, the interface can be a little clunky, but overall, I do not think that most users would have any trouble learning how to operate the phone. The price point is also very encouraging, even disrupting among a crowded marketplace. For business users, I would not hesitate to recommend the Grandstream GXP2130.

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