• Review of the Grandstream GXP-2160

    grandstream sip voip phone

    The Grandstream GXP2160 is a Linux based, SIP VoIP telephone designed specifically for executives. It is a member of the Grandstream family of phones which include both desk phones and also portable devices. The GXP2160 is perfect for Enterprise & SMB customers with the need for quality and versatility in their desktop communications.


    The Phone

    The screen is a really nice size, larger than the other Grandstream phones in the same family at 4.3″ and has a stunning color LCD display. As with the other Grandstream GXP phones, it utilizes the SIP protocols, giving users added functionality such as entering an IP address or using one of the programmable buttons to view security cameras which utilize SIP!

    For buttons, the Grandstream GXP2160 has six keys to the left of the screen typically used for call or “line” buttons. Beneath the screen are four soft keys which change depending on what feature the consumer is using. Functions for these soft keys include “Missed Call,” “Redial,””Call Forward,” “Answer,” and a multi function key which can access information such as the current weather and other information. Additionally, there are 24 BLF or programmable buttons on theleft side of the phone that can show a phone’s status and allow Direct Station Select.

    Beneath the screen area is the dial pad, volume control, and some pre-programmed buttons such as “Transfer,” “Conference,” “Mute,” and “Headset.” In addition to these, there is a four way pad to interact with the screen with arrows to indicate which direction the user is moving in the LCD interface, along with a “select” button.

    Finally, the phone is also bluetooth enabled, something I get asked a lot, surprisingly!


    Voice Quality

    The voice quality on the GXP- 2160 compares very favorably with competing SIP VoIP phones and includes the same technologies inherent in the other Grandstream GXP series of phones.



    I like the Grandstream GXP2160 very much. The voice quality, giant color screen, and easy to use interface gave me a very favorable opinion of the phone. Compared to other SIP phones, it is easily in the top tier.The price point is slightly higher than other phones in the GXP family, so that is something to consider, but for an executive or a public area where a business might want to “show off” an impressive phone, the GXP-2160 really shines.


    To download a brochure for the Grandstream GXp-2160, click on this link. To visit the Grandstream website, follow this link.

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